Łódź, Poland

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 164

We are a state school situated in one of the older living areas in Łódź. Our school has a lot of experience and long history. Last year our school headed its 55th anniversary.

There are 260 students in our school between the ages of 6 and 13 within 12 forms. Students from our schools come from different family backgrounds. A lot of them are the kids of unemployed parents whom the school the school helps. Some of the kids’ parents are alcohol addicts.

All the students are equally treated by the school society and they participate in many social events and educational programmes, which the school organise.

We are involved in various preventive programmes, ecological events. We are the school that promotes health (“Savoir-vivre for the youngsters”, “Early addiction programmes – sweets”, “Computer and Internet abuse”, “What does HEALTHY mean-promoting healthy lifestyle”, “How to be assertive”, “Calming your nerves”, “Fruit and vegetables at school”, “The glass of milk”, “Drink juice”, “ Strengthening breakfast-prepareing breakfast with the youngsters”, “Healthy liver programme”, “Healthy teeth-Orbit tutorial”)

We organise a lot of proeuropean events and celebrations. The students cooperate with each other (the younger kids with the older ones), they prepare presentations about european countries to share the information among the school’s society.

Our schools holds the European Songs Festival for Children that involves the kids from all around the city and the whole area.

Our students are equal partners and citizens of the school society, open-minded to others, to new traditions and cultures. They are eager to cooperate with students from other countries which the school is the partner with.

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