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Primary School is located in the city centre of Lodz. It is part of the town with an old buildings. Life after school focuses on lawns, playgrounds, sports fields or at the gates.

Residents of this area of the city are mostly people in middle ages and with very low social status. The unemployed people represent a larger part of the population. Our students’ parents can not afford to travel outside the city that why students have lack of information about the world surronding us. Their knowlegde about the environment, health derive from textbooks, sometimes with television.

The school strives parental involvement in the education. We organize workshops, lectures, open classes, picnics. We engage parents during the exit and excursions outside the school. In the school year 2015/2016 students of the Primary School took a number of activities in many projects connected with health education. Activities included not only classroom lessons, but all extra activities, extra classes were organized in cooperation with parents who collaborate with the school for many years. Primary School No. 36 in Lodz for many years has been engaged in many activities that allow to:

– Her students and their parents know the nature, society and culture
– Implementation of this principle in individual comprehensive development of their physical and mental fitness, interests and abilities.

The main task of health educatiom is “Crew Green Investigators” project. It is intended to realize the youngest pupils (students of classes I-III), that we are all part of the world and have an impact on our environment. The main objectives of the project are:

– The transfer of children to basic knowledge about ecosystems and natural phenomena,
– Shaping the attitudes of ecological, healthy, well being
– To familiarize the children with the beauty of nature,
– Interest in the rational use of natural resources,
– Increasing respect for plants, animals and humans,
– Increasing awareness of personal human impact on the environment,

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